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Zagreus at the end of days,
Zagreus lies all other ways,
Zagreus comes when time’s a maze,
And all of history is weeping.

Zagreus taking time apart,
Zagreus fears the hero heart,
Zagreus seeks the final part,
The reward that he is reaping.

Zagreus sings when all is lost,
Zagreus takes all those he’s crossed,
Zagreus wins and all it cost,
The hero’s hearts he’s keeping.

Zagreus seeks the hero’s ship,
Zagreus needs the web to rip,
Zagreus sups time at a drip,
And life aside, he’s sweeping.

Zagreus waits at the end of the world,
For Zagreus is the end of the world.

His time is the end of time,
And his moment time’s undoing.