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LOST: Dr Linus

Can we talk about how Dr Linus was kinda the best dude ever? Because he was. He was a genuine, honest, dedicated and caring teacher. He wasn’t working for a paycheck, he was working to educate and improve the lives of his students. Their wellbeing mattered to him, and he was willing to put in the extra mile to help them out. Even his play for power in this episode was brought on by the desire to do better for the kids, not just for himself. And he let his own ambition go for Alex’s benefit. He was the father she never had. He was the carer for his own father. Outside of this episode, he was bright and welcoming to the new substitute teacher, Mr Locke. He was diligently protective in sussing out the weird guy loitering around outside the school watching the children (Desmond, do better, Ben thought you were a pedophile). He was the first one at Locke’s side after he was run down, immediately taking control of the situation. He rode in the ambulance with the substitute teacher he didn’t even know, giving information to the paramedics AND consoling the injured patient (Dr Linus’ bedside manner for the win!). He CONFRONTED THE MAN WHO HE BELIEVED HAD TRIED TO KILL LOCKE, on his own, and attempted to make a citizen’s arrest (and gets the crap beat out of him for his trouble). 

Dr Linus is kind, compassionate, and brave. He’s still Ben Linus - all Ben’s manipulative and sneaky traits are still there, lurking in the darker part of his nature - but he’s the Ben Linus we saw as a child, good and warm and honest. His relationship with his father seems to imply that, free of the island and his dead-end life as a Dharma janitor, Roger never became an abusive drunk (THAT’S NO EXCUSE, ROGER), and the two were able to have a happy and stable life together (which makes my chest hurt). Ben’s innate goodness was nurtured, not stamped down or smothered by the cruelty of his life and the need to harden against it. Dr Linus was what Ben would have been, and should have been. And Dr Linus was one of the best people on the entire show. I think that says a lot.


  • finds the other persons wallet on the street and goes on a quest to give it back au
  • the only two people at a bar rooting for the same football team au
  • dentist waiting room au (seriously that shit takes so long)
  • waiting for a flight that gets delayed au
  • street magician au
  • take the same bus every morning au
  • "stop talking during the movie i am trying to watch dick bag" au
  • having each other’s names on coke bottles and discovering it in the line to pay au